Wine Math Comes to Life – Animated Video

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Wino Eye Chart

It was just one of those ideas, silly I thought. I didn't take it seriously. Seriously! But everyone I showed it to wanted one, so the Wino Eye Chart Sign was born.I'm proud to say it was born in the USA... … [Read more...]

Wine Games People Play

I want to make a game.  A fun way to learn about wine and enjoy it at the same time.  An excuse to get together with friends and pop a cork or two... but with the intention of actually remembering new things about the subject... The wine world can be intimidating, (it is for me!), and everyone has their own - usually very strong - opinions.  Let's see what happens with this.  It's bound to be entertaining,  attempting to educate my palette and … [Read more...]

Counting Grapes

You thought I was kidding?  Nope. "Artists can't add" has been my fallback position since2nd grade, so I needed to know first hand.  Here are 2 random Pinot Noir Clusters picked from our vines Harvest 2011 at o'dark thirty.  Yep. Here are my findings... There were 110 grapes on the lower cluster and 83 on the top.  All my friends complimented us on our nice fruit set. That's supposed to be a good thing, except it blows my numbers all to heck! … [Read more...]