The Story

Do you want the real story? Or the one I use for polite company?

We do have vineyards in California’s Central Coast wine appellation “Santa Rita Hills” famous for world class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

It’s a powerful experience to walk thought the rows during different parts of the growing season, observing the rhythms and cycles of the vines as the grapes do their thing.  The ever changing colors of the acre of grapevinesleaves and foliage have inspired many an interior design palette – in fact, I’m pretty much living these colors for life.

So walking through the vineyards one morning, I found myself wondering how many grapes it actually takes to make a single glass of wine.  How many vines worth of fruit might I consume over the course of a year? 

LeafSuffice it to say, that’s privileged information. And, um… we should have planted a bigger vineyard.

       Anyhow, I did the math…

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Don’t Drink and Draw!

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